Achter tralies ken je niets, alleen rust.

Voor sommige mensen is dat misschien niet eens zo’n hele slechte optie in tijden dat de rest van de wereld z’n verstand verloren lijkt..

Lyrics – A barred view of the sun

The concrete wall is painted gray
it’s the colour on my mind
these four walls are really all I have to see
Through the night and through the day
these four walls are all that’s kind
while the rest of it is only lunasy.

On the gray steel brink I lay
and there’s nowhere I can go
but in truth there’s nowhere I would really run
for the warden brings my meals
and if the weather’s right
I can sometimes have a barred view of the sun

For when they locked me up to be taken from the world
the chaos that’s outside was really ripped way from me
and now if I have doubt all I really need to see
Is the madness on the prison news-tv