Her Face in the Mist is een ode aan een mooie vrouw die een zwaar leed met zich meedraagt. Wat dat leed is blijft onbeschreven.

Lyrics – Her Face in the Mist

Last night I dreamt a heavy dream of sorrow, mourn and grief.
An army of souls was weeping a sound beyond belief.
Was an orchestra so beautiful… such harmony, so sad.
That on I went to hear these souls, in the white of sorrow clad.

I heard the mourn and the songs they sang of loves that had been lost.
Sacrifices had been made, gambles at heavy cost.
Words they spoke and charmed my soul to the deepest of my heart
As the sorrow began to deepen in, the stories drifted apart.

Still on I went and hatred came of treachery and death.
Of those who had been in a war or victims of someone’s wrath.
Till the dream would slowly fade away and not could I resist.
As my body awoke, my eyes, they saw: her face out in the mist.