McHollander heeft een hekel aan muggen.

Muggen zijn jeukende insecten die je bloed zuigen en die verder geen enkel aanwijsbaar nut hebben. Ze zijn wel ‘Gek op Mc’, en daar is hij dan weer iets minder blij mee.

Lyrics – Mosquito Blues

It’s summer and the temperature is rising
the weather’s mild, the women looking good,
unfortunately it isn’t so surprising
that at dusk I start to feel a bad mood.
When the buzzers round my ear start sounding
and my skin begins to itch just from the sound
the blood in my veins commences pounding
and they smell it like a pack of blood hounds.

I sing the blues of the fucking mosquito,
I sing the blues of the mosquito that sucks
my blood and leaves me itchy and scratchy
I sing the motherfucking mosquito blues

At night I lay all sweaty, not sleeping,
just dreading that horrifying buzz,
I’m a man so I can’t take to the weeping,
and getting out is just as pointless because,
the bloodsucking, buzzy little biter
will follow me wherever he can
This I know to be true, he’s a fighter,
who’ll strike at me: I just don’t know when.