I love working with other musicians! Check out some of the things I’m in and some of the things I’ve previously done

Sessioneers: “What the actual folk?” – This is an Irish & Scottish folk band that has a bit of a history. It started as a duo with the fabulous Tijn Berends, grown to a 5-person band at some point and the current evolution consists of 3 musicians, myself included. Come see us when you have a chance?

Stings & Strings: The fabulous Elvya and I have been writing on songs for a while now and at some point will be making those into an album. We’ve done a few try-outs of this material live and really like te reception, so if you want to hear songs that you won’t hear anywhere else, contact me about concert opportunities.

Lachlan: Some of you might remember the days of Lachlan. We’ve played in pubs and on festivals for years and produced the album “Daughter of a Gypsy”.

Marc Gunn: I was honoured to do background vocals for Marc Gunn’s song “Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers”