Celtic Folk Bard in the House

If you have a private party (at home or elsewhere) or need some entertainment for your public house, McHollander can play on stage (or a few square m2 somewhere in the corner will also do in a pinch). Need more than just a bard? Check out the band Sessioneers!

Irish and Scottish Folk Music

Ranging from street ballads to sea shanties – and let’s not forget drinking songs! – an evening (or afternoon) with McHollander can be live musical “background” for those otherwise awkward moments in between conversation or full-on entertainment. It depends on the setting and the audience. With well over 200 songs to choose from – and not even all of them strictly folk music – and no fixed set list, each concert is different.

Not just in the pub

McHollander has done everything from getting people to dance in a certain famous Swedish furniture shop to ceremonies on traditional sailing ships to live music at funerals, so if your idea is not considered a traditional venue for live music: no problem. Let’s discuss the options!